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Happy Dietitians Day: 7 Dietitians to Follow (and Their Best Recipes)

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Happy Dietitians Day!

March is Nutrition Month and today is Dietitians Day in Canada.

In honour of the day, I’ve rounded up a few fabulous dietitians from around the province of British Columbia to follow on Instagram (click the name to get to their profile). I’ve also included my favourite recipes from each of them.

It’s a bit of a strange time right now, but you can count on these ladies for evidenced-based information and guidance to help you stay well nourished while we spend more time at home.

Take care, and happy cooking.

Jenn Messina, RD: Jenn the Dietitian

hand holding oatmeal breakfast cookie
Image by Jenn Messina

Jenn works with North Shore moms to help them make feeding their families stress and guilt free. This recipe for one-bowl breakfast cookies are simple to make and are great for batch cooking, as they store well in the freezer. This is a fun one to make with the kids too.

Best One Bowl Breakfast Cookies
These breakfast cookies are delicious and filled with all the good stuff! Make a batch and then pop them in the freezer to keep them fresh.
Check out this recipe
hand holding oatmeal breakfast cookie

Erin Brown, RD: The Food Life RD

Image by Erin Brown

Erin works in Vancouver, promoting healthy food relationships and body acceptance, one meal at a time. I love her arugula and squash salad and how-to guide for easy lunch salads.

Arugula and Squash Salad
The trick is to make a salad that is both delicious and filling, and has enough heft to it to keep you feeling full until your afternoon snack.
Check out this recipe
arugula salad leaves with cooked squash and rice in bowl

Lindsay van der Meer, RD: Dietitian on the Move

Image by Lindsay van der Meer

Lindsay works in Prince George and focuses on plant-based recipes for athletes. Her hemp heart pesto is a great one for those allergic to nuts as well as vegans.

Hemp Heart Pesto
This recipe is super simple to make. Just use a blender or food processor to blend all ingredients and that’s it!
Check out this recipe
hemp heart pesto in front of bag of hemp hearts

Emma Robinson, RD: Abundant Nutrition Co.

Image by Emma Robinson

Emma works in Prince Rupert and works with people to help them rediscover the joy in eating while improving their health. Her “Meat Me Halfway” beef and lentil burger is perfect for those wanting to transition to a more plant-focused diet.

Meat Me Halfway Bean and Beef Burger
This burger satisfies my nearly constant burger craving and packs a load of fibre that you wouldn’t find in an all-beef patty.
Check out this recipe

Cristel Moubarak, RD: Nutrifoodie

two smoothies with three colours layered: green on top, white in middle, purple on bottom
Image by Cristal Moubarak

Cristel works in Vancouver and helps individuals with body positivity and Intuitive Eating. Her fruit smoothie recipe is just as beautiful as it is nourishing.

Lebanese Layered Fruit Smoothie
The flavour combination of these three layers creates the perfect balance; the sweetness from the mangos pairs perfectly with the slightly tart strawberries and creamy avocado…delicious!
Check out this recipe

Ali Eberhardt, RD & Hannah Robinson, RD: Let Us Eat Cake Podcast

Image by a/s creative co

Okay, so technically these ladies don’t have any food recipes, but their podcast is the perfect recipe for cutting through the nutrition BS that’s out there. Definitely worth a listen. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!

Let Us Eat Cake Podcast
Co-hosts and Registered Dietitians Ali Eberhardt and Hannah Robinson are dedicated to ditching diet culture, taking weight stigma and fatphobia head on, and cutting the bullsh*t out of “health & wellness”. New episodes available every Thursday!
Check out this recipe

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