dried beans with Parmesan rind in dutch oven

How to Cook Beans Quickly in the Oven

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No pantry is complete without beans. If you have canned beans on hand, you can whip up a quick meal in no time. Dried beans, on the other hand, require some thinking ahead – you have to soak them overnight before using them…or do you? In today’s post I’ll cover how to cook beans quickly and give you a few ideas of what to make with beans (dried or canned).

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How to Cook Beans Quickly

In this method, beans are brought to a boil, then finished in the oven. I like to add a parmesan rind to the water to add flavour to the beans.

Time needed: 1 hour and 10 minutes.

How to Cook Beans Quickly in the Oven

  1. Add dried beans and water to a Dutch oven.

    Sort 1 lb of dried beans and add to Dutch oven. Fill the Dutch oven with water until the water level is two inches above the beans. If you have a parmesan rind, add it to the water as well.dried beans with Parmesan rind in dutch oven

  2. Boil the beans.

    Over high heat on the stove, bring beans to a boil.

  3. Cook in oven at 350°F.

    Remove from heat, cover with a lid and add to oven. Cook covered for 60-90 minutes until beans are tender.

  4. Enjoy!

    Drain beans and use as needed.

bowtie pasta with white beans, mushrooms, and kale
Add beans to cooked pasta and vegetables for a quick dinner

Ideas for Using Beans

There are many ways to enjoy cooked beans once they are ready. You can keep them on hand in the fridge to add to salad bowls or try with tomato soup. Here are a few more ideas for using cooked (or canned) beans.

  • Add white beans to smoothies for a creamy texture. Their flavour won’t overpower the other ingredients, so you won’t even notice them.
  • Try beans on toast. Add a cooked egg or two and/or avocado and a side of salad greens for a complete meal.
  • Add beans to your favourite pasta for a quick dinner
  • Use chickpeas in your favourite curry dish as the protein instead of tofu or meat for something different.
  • Use beans in dips and spreads – hummus or white bean and herb are good options.
  • Add to a cheese quesadilla or use to top nachos

What are your favourite bean recipes? Let me know in the comments below.

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