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I’m Mel, a registered dietitian, avid home cook, and mom of two in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I originally started this site as a place to share my love of food and cooking with my readers.  Today, it is a nutrition and recipe blog, and home of my soon-to-be nutrition counselling practice.

In my work as a dietitian, I’ve come across countless people who carry a lot of guilt and shame when it comes to eating. I have also witnessed the fear of judgement experienced by many who are going to see ‘the dietitian’.  I want a different experience for you.

Food should be fun, nourishing, and most importantly: taste delicious. 

Your experience when working with a dietitian, should be collaborative, safe, and free from judgement.  My goal is to help you make informed, evidence-based decisions about your health, while teaching you how to enjoy delicious and nourishing food that fits your lifestyle and health goals.

Food should be fun, nourishing, and most importantly: taste delicious

About Melanie Steele

headshot of registered dietitian, Melanie Steele

Melanie Steele, BSc, RD is a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia. She received her undergraduate degree in Food, Nutrition and Health (Major Dietetics) with honours from the University of British Columbia, and completed her dietetic internship with Providence Health Care. Melanie works as a clinical dietitian in Vancouver, where she counsels clients across a variety of settings,

including diabetes management, kidney care and dialysis, cardiovascular health, GI surgery, and geriatric medicine.

Prior to becoming a registered dietitian, Melanie worked in the foodservice industry as a catering manager, specializing in off-premise food and beverage contracts and special events.

Melanie is passionate about helping individuals and families enjoy nourishing foods that fit their lifestyle and health goals. Her approach to nutrition counselling focuses on improving health behaviours and fostering a healthy relationship with food. Melanie is a weight-inclusive dietitian; she believes all people have the right to dignified, evidenced-based health care, regardless of body shape or size.

When she isn’t working, Melanie enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, going for a run around Trout Lake or along the Vancouver seawall, and exploring the city with her husband and two daughters.


Nutrition and health-related content on this site is provided for information purposes only, and in no way is intended to be used to diagnose or treat health conditions.  You should seek individual medical advice from your own health care practitioner.