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Meal Planning Guide Part 2: Five Meal Prep Problems Solved

A few weeks ago I shared Part 1 of this Meal Planning Guide where we covered three easy steps to meal planning and reviewed five different meal prep styles. The meal prep styles are intended to help you figure out what method of meal planning might work best for you.  In today’s post, we will

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Meal Planning Guide Part 1: How to Meal Plan in 3 Easy Steps

How to meal prep

Everyone is all about #mealprep these days.  And it’s no wonder – we’re busy and we also want to be the epitome of good health.  Somehow a week’s worth of containers filled baked chicken breast, steamed brown rice, and green beans became the solution to both our time and health woes.  I’m not saying there’s

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Five Ways to Help Older Adults Improve Their Nutrition

This week is Canadian Malnutrition Awareness Week.  The Canadian Malnutrition Task Force started this annual campaign to educate healthcare professionals on early identification and treatment of malnutrition, educate the public on the importance of discussing their nutrition with healthcare professionals, and to increase awareness of the important role nutrition plays in patient recovery.  As a

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Intuitive Eating: Healing Your Relationship with Food

This year Nutrition Month is all about unlocking the potential of food: to fuel, discover, prevent, heal, and bring us together.  I was inspired by the sub-theme ‘heal’ to talk about a topic I’ve recently become more interested in – healing your relationship with food.  In my work as a dietitian, I’ve come across countless

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5 Times You Might Need a Snack

This year Nutrition Month is all about unlocking the potential of food – to fuel, discover, prevent, heal, and bring us together.  While I hope to share more about how dietitians in various roles can help you unlock the potential of food, this week I’m starting off with some snack inspiration to keep you well

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Welcome (Back)!

Hi There, and Welcome to Vancity Nutrition  I’m Mel, a registered dietitian, avid home cook, and new mom.  This site used to be called Mel’s Food Blog – you can probably guess it was about food (original name, I know).  I started blogging 5 years ago during a career transition as a way for me

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